Monday, June 4, 2012

You're Your Own Billboard

As a mother of four boys, there are days I am lucky to even get a shower, let alone do my make up or hair. Or even remotely look beyond the jeans and t-shirt look. There are times as well that my schedule just doesn’t allow it or there is no need to look like anything special. Now, I know that there are several women (moms) that feel this way, right?

I was always taught by my momma Kat, that, your husband or significant other, interacts everyday with beautiful women. These women, whether they have kids or not, take the time to do their hair and their make-up. They are not running around in their jammies all day long. Now, I am saying that it is ok for your other half to scout out all these other women? Nope! I stating an obvious fact, men look! So do us women, so don’t pretend to be perfect in that area.

Another lesson, more recently taught, was by an instructor I had. She would always state that we are our own walking billboard. The way we dress, the way we care for ourselves, and the way we present ourselves, is our very own walking billboard. You only have one chance at that first impression. Even as a stay home mom, this applies to you. You never know when that first impression must count for something.

Now, I am sure you are thinking easier said than done! I know, I have been there. In actuality, it really is easy. You don’t need to go all out ladies. Only if that is you! Taking 30 minutes a day and really putting an effort into your look, goes a very long way.

Here are some make-up tips:

1.    Foundation. Can be a light sheer foundation. Apply it over some concealer (not a must) or over bare skin. Have allergies? Mary Kay has some great products and last a good while if you are not overly applying! Almay has some really good products that cater to sensitive skin. Bare minerals is also a wonderful, natural make-up that sensitive skin types tend to tolerate well. And it last a very long time!

2.    Mascara. Keep it natural if you are not going out on the town. Brown or a brown black, is perfect. My personal fave, Lash Blast by covergirl!

3.    Eyeliner. Avoid liquid for a natural look. Use a light brown or light grey, and line the outer eyelid (top and bottom). Just the corners and smudge it inward with a q-tip or your finger tip.

4.    Highlighter for pale skin or bronzer for medium to darker skin. Brush this on the apples of your cheeks. All you need. No need to fuss with the different colors of blush.

5.    Last but not least, a sheer, slightly tinted lip gloss! And you are done! You may have to play a bit with the colors.

It’s pretty simple and once you get it down, it normally takes about 5-8 mins in the mornings. Can easily do this before your kiddos ever wake!

Now for the hair! I often hear, I just don’t know what to do or I am no good at hair. You do not have to be great with hair. There are plenty of simple dos that don’t take very much time. Great advice, google hairdos that fit your texture and length. You may also check out YouTube. They have some great tutorials.   

Some things that you may consider keeping on hand:

1.    Skinny hair by Matrix. I love this! It is kinda pricey, but last forever! This is great for frizzy hair and smells wonderful! It also doesn’t weigh the hair down like some products similar to it.

2.    Bed Head Manipulator. Very flexible and touchable hair. Can purchase at Wal-Mart.

3.    A good hold hairspray! I like Big Sexy Hair.

4.    Bobby pins

5.    Clear rubber bands and regular hair ties.

You can create many looks with these products!

Hope that this helps you busy women out there! Remember, you are your own walking billboard. Give your hubby something to come home to or simply do it for yourself!

Till next time… have a great day!
(All hairstyles posted took very little time!)