Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 years

In light of my near birthday, 30th to be exact, I began to think of my last ten years. Wow, a lot has happened in just 10 years. I remember sitting at 19 thinking about turning 20 for one. My thoughts were completely different as you can imagine. Physically, besides being pounds heavier, I don’t look much different, but my outlook on life has taken a huge turn in a different direction. And of course, I am not the same individual that I was all those years ago.

At 20, I was a mommy to my wonderful son Darren. I had faced being a single momma, on my own with no family and in a town with complete strangers. Retreating home was just not an option. Who would’ve ever thought that that decision would shape my personality for the rest of my life up to this point?

I met a man who I thought would be the my soul mate, married and had two more boys, Wyatt and Noah. Unfortunately we separated more times than we stayed together and divorced. Once again, a single momma, this time of 3 boys! I held a career in which I went very far in and choose to back down on, thanks to a man. (Yes, the one I divorced) I have moved, I have moved back. I have met many great and wonderful people who have helped me grow. I also have met many who weren’t so great and they too have helped me grow and learn.

I also met my current husband, who gave me another son, my stepson, Andrew. Neither of us were expecting or looking to find anyone and there we were. A year later, we wed and combined homes. Took me a bit to get use to having an a forth kiddo in the mix, but in time, I figured it out.

Now, as I approach my big 3 0 birthday, I look back over the years and smile. Even those not so good moments have something to learn from. Even those tears I shed were worth this moment. There were mountains to climb, but smooth roads too. I am thankful for that road, or I like to say hiking trail, in my life. And, I look forward to 10 more years to look back on. 10 more wonderful years of memories!

Here’s to the future and here’s to a great day!

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