Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello to all who choose to read this! I am Melissa, full time mom and full time student for the time being. I have four crazy, energetic boys. They keep me more then busy at times. As I also just mentioned, I am a full time medical student. I am currently going for my MA (medical assistant). I will continue on to nursing, then Physician's Assistant.

After reading many blogs, and being told I too should blog, I decided, why not! So, here I am! I have officially joined the blogging world! Hoping to give some good advice, some thoughts, or what have you on balancing everyday life as a mother of four and school and of course, in the future, a career. I know that many struggle to this, especially these days. I hear this so often just in my class. The comment "How do you do it?", is very common amongst my peers. And how do I answer that? Well, I am hoping to come up with some solid answer one day. Something short and sweet. Until then, I will just simply blog away with tips and ideas that maybe, if anyone is reading, will help someone out.

I hope that everyone out there is having a fantastic Friday and will enjoy the weekend as well. Until my next post, take care!

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