Sunday, April 15, 2012


A while back, I posted a note on my FB about success. I had been going through some photos that were taking in my school days. That brought back so many memories, good and bad ones. I laughed, I frowned. I missed those days, and then I didn't so much. You know how that goes. Then I came across a photo with a young man. I remembered exactly why we were in that photo together. "Most likely to succeed!" My first thought? Wow, were they wrong!!! I knew he hadn't done much with his life, nor had I. Then I sat there. I thought about all those that I still were in contact with from those days and wondered about the others. What had we done with our lives? Were we all happy doing what we were doing?

What is the true meaning of success? Well the definition of the word, or the one that I am putting on here (there are many) is: something that turns out as planned or intended. Of course it also means someone who is wealthy, etc. So, I really began to think about this.

When I was a teenager, I grew up thinking I would do this or that. I truly believed I had it all planned out. But what did I know about life or what was in store for me? Nothing! None of did! You cannot plan for everything. Divorce, kids, etc. And let's face it, we make mistakes. Those can alter our lives too.

Did I become some multi-millionaire? No! Did I have some awe inspiring career? No! Do I live in some huge mansion on a hill? No! Am I famous? No and I have no desire to be!

What I do have though, is my life! Nothing perfect, nothing grand. It'll never have a book written about it or a movie. But success is not measured in riches or things that can be seen with the eyes. It is measured in what you leave behind when you are gone. I have four wonderful boys who make me proud each day. In a world of parents that are leaving their children or losing their children, I still have mine, and raise them to the best of my abilities.

Success is about falling down over and over, and getting right back up and saying "Bring it on!". It's about never giving up even when no one else believes you can. It's about taking chances and living. It's about being YOU and loving it!

So, I leave you this - "You'll never find a rainbow if you're looking down" ~ Charlie Chaplin

Success is in your hands! Nothing beats a failure but a try!

Till next time.... have a great one!

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