Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If She Ain’t Happy Ain’t No Body Happy….

How many times have we heard this saying? I heard this a lot growing up! In a way, this is very true. The woman in the household controls the mood in the home. I think at times we don’t even realize this. What control us women really have in our homes!

There’s another saying … Happy Wife, Happy Life! I have this sign hanging in my home, right by my door. And this is very true as well. Just ask my husband at my times. See why I say women really do control the mood of their home?

This brings me to my next point. It is important as moms, wives, that we watch what we do, say, how we act and most important, that we take time for us! Time for me?? Did I really just say that?

Yes I most certainly did! And, I mean it! TIME! Ladies, it is important. If you remain tense and stressed you become in a bad mood. Then what happens? It’s a chain reaction. You become easily agitated, and then you begin taking it out on your spouse who becomes upset with you. Fight time! Who becomes affected? Kids! They become irritable. It can affect their sleep, affecting them in their school work, behavior, etc. Not only that, but your mood carries on to your work, or your hubby, who became in a bad mood, carries on to his work. See where I am going?

What are some other issues that can affect you not taking time for you? Stress is harmful to you period! It affects your health ladies. Can cause your blood pressure to rise, weight gain, headaches, and other physical problems.

Taking time for you doesn’t mean a vacation every month either. Just a few minutes a day. Here are some ideas for you to use.

1.    Schedule a lunch date with a good friend once a week at your favorite place. A good adult conversation always helps.

2.    A hot bath at night with candles and ambient music. You can do this after the kids are in bed. Tell your spouse this is me time. Explain that this is important and why. Some aromatherapy (can purchase at Walmart or Target) in your tub works wonders.

3.    Going for a walk in the evenings, not only is this healthy for you, but relaxing.

4.    Going for a swim. If you are into swimming. Again, healthy.

5.    Reading a good book. Nothing like getting lost in a good book.

6.    Watching a good chick flick or whatever movie is your favorite all time movie. Send the hubby and the kids to the park or wherever for some bonding time.

Whatever it is you do, do it for you! This does not include cleaning ladies! Just relax and breath.

Hope everyone has a great day and until next time, enjoy!

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